Senescent  se-nes-uh nt  adjective  1. growing old; aging   2. Cell Biology (of a cell) no longer capable of dividing but still alive and metabolically active    definition from

Senescent is the exploration of the psychological discoveries of the fragility of life, the beauty of the declining body, and how the two correlate to the aging process within nature. Life is fleeting and hard to grasp. Senescent conveys the emotional battle between longing for youth, accepting the waning body, and embracing life.

By constructing a de-saturated monochromatic montage of the female nude body with flowers in various life stages, Senescent formulates sensual elegance and feminine romanticism. The photographs are printed 20 X 30" on 24 X 36" handmade Unryu paper. The delicacy of the paper represents the fragility of life and the threads that can hold that life together. The fibers of the paper intermingle with the body and the flowers, adding texture to the photographs. The body of work is taken to a three dimensional level by hanging the photographs on curtain rods, which are suspended from the ceiling with jute. A vintage door stands in the middle of the photographs, and windows hang on each side of the door, adding to the reminiscent mood. The installation invites the viewer to interact by walking among the photographs, creating elusive movement.